About Us

About Us

Hi, welcome to Henry & Paul.

We are the family, friends and staff website of Pernod Ricard; a wine, spirits and champagne business. We’re named after the original creators of conviviality and founders; Henry Pernod and Paul Ricard.

Our mission is to create shared lasting value that collectively benefits our customers. We encourage our community to forge genuine connections throughout their shared occasions and experiences or as we like to call them ‘Moments of Conviviality’, which in turn builds a better world we can all “live together, better”.

Our goal is to bring conviviality to the 21st century with a range of wines, champagnes, spirits, premixed items and fine liqueurs from our prestigious portfolio of internationally recognised brands. We’ve got you covered for any occasion and you can trust us to choose a unique and innovative blend of quality drinks perfectly curated to suit any occasion, big or small.

We’re all about quality and convenience and creating shared experiences with friends, loved ones and colleagues. You can depend on us to carefully select packages that are the perfect blend of prestige and pleasure; delivered straight to your door.


Henry & Paul